Mechanical Cartoon with LINKKI : Bring cartoons to life with mechanical movement

Käsityökoulu Robotti introduces a workshop mechanical cartoon workshop March 4th in Espoo held by Eun Young Park.

This workshop introduces the basic idea of designing movement with linkage mechanism. Using LINKKI, a linkage-based building blocks designed by Eun Young herself, participants will be guided to design simple mechanism and to build a story on top of it, finally to make a ”Mechanical cartoon”. This might be a good chance to dive into hands-on motion design involving mechanics, storytelling and drawing. There is no age limit but kids under 6 years old are advised to accompany their parents. Maximum number of participants(an individual or a family) are 8. This workshop will be carried out in English. 

*Below are photos form the artist residency in Exploratorium and a workshop in Bay Area Maker Faire (San Francisco, USA) in 2016. More photos can be found here.

Eun Young Park is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and maker who is interested in working at the crossroads of different domains. She is also the designer of LINKKI, an internationally acclaimed motion prototyping toy for creative learning. With this, she organized workshops, participated in Maker Faires and produced an exhibition. Not only making on her own, she also enjoy making others make.

TIME: Saturday 4th of March, from 2pm to 5pm (breaks in between while building)

PLACE: Käsityökoulu Robotti / Lasten Kulttuurikeskus Pikku-Aurora , Järvenperäntie 1-3, 02940 Espoo

PRICE: 35€ per an adult and child pair (additional siblings 10€/per child) – The fee will be invoiced.